RISE collaborates with school administration and faculty to help develop relevant curricula that provides students with subject matter perhaps characterized as "Peace Education and Conflict Resolution." 

RISE Advisors offer schools the opportunity to expand their curricula to include the fundamental concepts of peace and conflict resolution. The RISE educational alternatives are designed to offer students the intellectual tools and practical knowledge to implement peaceful solutions to resolve conflict. A cafeteria of relevant educational opportunities, may include the following:

-Theories and Practice of Non-Violent Action
-Religious Contributions to Peace and Social Justice
-History of  Influential Social Movements
-Human Rights
-Eco literacy/Ecosystems Theory
-Distinction: Peace via Strength vs. Strength via  Peace
-Patriotism, Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism and Multiculturalism
-Conflict Resolution: Theory , Practice and Skill sets
-Nature and Nurture of Aggression
-Role of Media
-Restorative Justice
-Critical Thinking
-International & National Responsibilities for World Order
-Peace Heroes
-Peace building


These course selections emphasize the utility of non-violent solutions to diffuse conflict. The strategy of achieving a peaceful end to a violent threat. The recurring theme through course instruction and attendant discussion are fundamental. The Socratic method of teaching this subject matter helps to stimulate a critical exchange between student and instructor. The goal is to prepare students currently and post graduation to use these skill sets to confront and resolve the threat of violence. 

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