“RISE of Peace.” (“RISE”) is a global education and consulting organization primarily serving high schools that would like a peace education component included in their curricula. RISE is a Vermont non-profit corporation and a tax deductible, Section 501(c)3 "Public Charity" under the United States Internal Revenue Code. RISE teaches critical thinking about the origins of conflict and solutions for peace.

Professional educators provide their services without cost to schools. RISE tries to

tailor consultations, guidance, curricula and instruction to create effective peace-based pedagogy for schools. Restated, RISE provides opportunities for schools to expand or integrate peace education into their curricula.


Rise Advisors work with school faculty to introduce such concepts as Peace Education, Conflict Resolution, and Peace Studies. Collectively, these concepts comprise a foundation for peace education as an essential part of a school's peace curriculum.

Globally, RISE views peace as not merely the cessation of war but as a desirable alternative to conflict. 

RISE of Peace

P.O. Box 2419

West Dover, Vermont 05356

United States