RISE seeks to advance peace education by offering secondary schools educational options for reducing and eliminating violence by students.
RISE offers school faculty curricula content that may promote non-violence, conflict resolution and positive behavioral change.

RISE is an advisory educational opportunity primarily for secondary schools to teach the fundamentals of peace and conflict resolution. RISE Advisors include college professors who volunteer their time and knowledge in pursuit of  the RISE Mission, to create a more peaceful world on and off the school campus.


RISE contends that knowledge can be the most effective weapon to counter violent behavior. RISE wants young people to understand how they may avoid violence and encourage peaceful solutions. RISE contends that this secondary school education can continue to serve as a positive behavioral influence into adulthood. RISE recognizes that secondary schools can benefit from optional resources approved by faculty and administration. RISE offers a customized, cost-free approach to complementing a school's educational goals and objectives. 


RISE understands how to advise faculty or encourage interactive discussion among students about the core principles of peace and methods for conflict resolution . RISE works strictly in cooperation with consenting school administration and faculty. RISE always seeks to support and never substitute for faculty.

RISE of Peace

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