Why donate to RISE of Peace?

Officially, RISE of Peace Inc. (“RISE”) is an IRS 501(c)3, non-profit charity, founded in Vermont, in 2012. RISE teaches young people to make our world a less violent, more peaceful place.

RISE asks you to support the education of youth because RISE understands how to teach alternatives to violence. RISE seeks to lead secondary school students away from hostile acts in response to sources of anger, conflict and disputes.


RISE Advisors are professional educators who consider the historical, philosophical, psychological and social roots of violent behavior. RISE seeks to create and encourage an educational basis, peaceful environment, and behavioral framework to alter the short- and long-term perspectives of young people.


RISE serves as a no-cost alliance with or support vehicle for schools and organizations who have complementary our goals or simply have no programmatic structure in place to deter, dissuade or discourage violence through an altered issue management process, balancing of values, and a positive results-oriented approach to life.


Young people are often led or mislead by a spectrum of influences ranging from well organized groups espousing violence to serve various goals to self-delusional justifications. RISE contends that education, discussion and the stimulation of a measured thought process can help change both impulsive and poorly reasoned behavior.

RISE asks for your support to enable our Advisors to spend time away from their regular teaching positions to educate pre-adults before they are led or lead themselves down a destructive pathway. Your donation will be used solely to educate and lead to the RISE of Peace. 


RISE is currently seeking to contact principal of high schools in every state offering free support to teach, consult or provide curriculum guidance consistent with the mission and goals discussed above. Indirectly as an example, RISE has been asked to assist the national organization, Sandy Hook Promise, to guide them in their new project undertakings.


Any questions regarding your prospective support, participation or comments may be submitted to Dr. Whitney Howarth ( or Dr. Ashley Greene (

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