Recognition and Awards

RISE of Peace Award:

As an increasing number of political, religious or philosophical groups try to influence young people to use violence to convey their message, RISE seeks to deflect and discourage these efforts through education. As a nation that enjoys many freedoms worth protecting, RISE believes that education at the high school level can help guide younger citizens away from these threats as well as those that are self-imposed.

RISE has stood ready to expand its reach and share its message with more schools and young people. In 2018, RISE sought to do this through a PEACE BUILDING essay contest.  RISE asked over 250 high schools, nationally, to participate in this competition, inviting youth to imagine a future where peace education and non-violent skills shape our society.

Thanks to a grant from "Goldman Sachs Gives," this award was created to promote peace education in secondary schools. This "2018 National Peace Education Award" included two monetary prizes. One was for the student with the winning essay and the other was for the faculty member who taught and guided that student. The award was for $5,000 for the student author and $1,000 for the supervising teacher.

The Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High in North Miami, Florida distinguished itself by providing an academic environment that led to this award. Our RISE Advisors, professors at four different colleges concurred that the winning essay reflected the student’s perception of peace as an alternative to violence. Whitney Howarth, a Plymouth University Professor and RISE Advisor, presented student Lisa Hanimov, and faculty member, Eve Ikeler, with the “RISE of Peace® 2018 National Peace Education Award. ” This award coupled with a separate form of recognition of the Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High was presented at the high School on May 22, 2019.

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