The RISE rationale is that if we can agree that conflicts have historically reflected conscious decision-making, then perhaps we can also agree that alternative goals reached through critical thinking can result in peaceful outcomes.

RISE of Peace

Jeffrey H. Teitel


  • Wilbraham and Monson Academy, "The Global School"

  • B.A., Rutgers College

  • U.S. Army medic (Vietnam 1968-69)

  • J.D., Lewis and Clark Law School

  • Pennsylvania, Kentucky and U.S. Supreme Court Bar Member

  • Environmental attorney and consultant since 1973

  • Deloitte, New York's World Financial Center (1995 - 2005)

  • Certified Environmental Auditor, Extraordinary Service Award (2004)

  • Habitat for Humanity, former West River Chapter President

  • Lewis and Clark Law School Board of Visitors

  • "Counsel" to Zhong Lun, a Multinational Law Firm based out of Beijing, China

  • Fellow, The Explorers Club

  • Former Member of the Deerfield Valley Rotary Club

  • Founder, 'RISE of Peace inc. In 2012,(under Rotary International)

Dr. Leo Sandy

Executive Director

  • B.A. Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Boston

  • Ed.M. Education and School Psychology at Boston University

  • Ed.M. Human Development and Education at Boston University

  • Executive Director of RISE of Peace inc.

  • Professor Emeritus at Plymouth State University (Ret. 2016)

  • Taught (at Plymouth State):

    • Building a Civil Society​

    • Philosophical Aspects of War and Peace

    • Human Development

    • Advanced Human Development

    • Foundations and Multicultural Aspects of Parenting

    • Critical Issues in Schools

  • Co-founded 'Peace and Social Justice Minor'

  • Former Chair of the 'Peace and Social Justice Council' 

  • Co-founded the 'Peace Garden' at Plymouth State University

  • Co-founded the School Psychology Program at Plymouth State University

  • Co-founded "The Center for Teaching Excellence"

  • Taught (At Rivier University):

    • Challenge of Peace​

  • Former School Psychologist/ Educator

  • Former Behavior Management Consultant

  • U.S. Navy Veteran

  • Received 'Distinguished Graduate Teacher Award'

  • Received 'Culture of Peace Award' (New Hampshire Peace Action)

  • Received 'Edie Award for Lifetime Achievement in School Psychology'

        "Since adolescence is a time when abstract thinking skills come into being, there is no better time for students at this age to learn critical thinking and interpersonal skills that are the foundations of creating peace.  Students this age also need to learn about the theory and practice of nonviolence, the techniques of conflict resolution, empathy, the nature and causes of war, handling controversy, human and animal rights, ecojustice, negative vs positive peace, causes of terrorism, ethical and religious perspectives on war and peace, reconciliation, restorative vs retributive justice, arguments for and against world federalism, and peacemakers of the world. Students need to be taught for peace instead of about peace. This means that both content and pedagogy have to reflect peace. The classroom has to provide for intellectual safety where students can express diverse and opposing points of view in a respectful manner to promote cognitive conflict and reduce interpersonal conflict."


        "This is related to the mission of RISE because RISE is "a global peace education program for high school students...designed to teach young people about the availability of specific tools, alternatives, and options for waging peace..." It does so by providing consultation to high school teachers so that they can initiate a peace studies (conflict resolution) program in their schools, and/or integrate peace and social justice concepts and strategies into existing courses."

Alan S. Greenspan


  • B.A.  in Economics at Northwestern University

  • M.B.A. in Economics at Northwestern University

  • Treasurer of RISE of Peace, inc.

  • 47 Years working on Wallstreet, retiring as a Senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley

    • Worked as a money manager and macro economist

  • U.S. Army Veteran

  • Member of the Rotary International 

Jon Grossman

Counsel of Record

  • Counsel of Record for RISE of Peace, Inc. 

  • Practices concentrations in:

    • Patent Law​

    • Copyright Law

    • Licensing Work

    • Emphasizing Issues Concerning Computer Software

  • Experienced in Commercial Licensing and Computer Software, including:

    • Contracting​

    • Inbound and Outbound licenses

    • Development Agreements

    • Internet Contracting

    • Copyright Related Agreements

    • Software Patent Prosecution

    • Patent Opinion Making

    • Copyright Enforcement

    • Software Licensing

    • Internet Legal and Privacy Issues

    • Corporate IP Due Diligence

  • Works with clients providing:

    • IP Counseling

    • Strategic Acquisitions

    • Outsourcing

    • Joint Ventures and Enforcement

    • Obtaining Financing From Venture Capitalists

  • Recognized Leader in Issues Concerning Business Method Patent Protection and Intellectual Property Opinion Making

Michael M. Cohen

  • Teaches Conflict Resolution at Bennington College (Bennington, VT USA)

  • Former Rabbi Emeritus of the Israeli Congregation (Manchester, VT USA)

  • Former instructor at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

  • President of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Assembly (RRA) 1995-1996

  • Author of numerous articles on the Middle East Peace Process

  • Author of Einstein's Rabbi: A Tale of Science and the Soul

Dr. Richard Van Heertum

  • Ph.D. in Education and Cultural Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

  • M.A. in Economics from San Diego State University

  • Has Taught at:

    • University of California, Los Angeles​

    • City University of New York

    • The Art Institute, Drexel

    • New York Film Academy

  • Has Published:

    • The Selling of Bohemia (2015, RJV Books)​

    • Educating the Global Citizen:Globalization, Educational Reform, and the Politics of Equity and Inclusion (2011, Bentham)

    • Hollywood Exploited: Corporate Movies, Public Pedagogy and Cultural Crisis (2010, Palgrave)

    • 25 Academic Essays and Chapters

    • Hundreds of articles in the popular press on movies, music, politics and sports (Sidelines, Ashbury Bay Press, Style Weekly, LA Weekly, San Diego Reader, San Diego Union Tribune, Slamm, etc.)

  • Served as Program Officer for the Paulo Freire Institute at the UCLA

  • Currently working on:

    • Developing a Media Literacy Program in Trinidad and Tobago​

    • An Initiative to address the troubling increase in domestic violence and rape

Dr. Ashley Greene

  • Joint Ph.D.  in Peace Studies and History from the University of Notre Dame and the Krok Institute for International Peace Studies

  • Assistant Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Keene State College (NH, USA)

  • Teaches courses in:

    • Introduction to Holocaust and Genocide Studies 

    • Genocide and Mass Atrocity

    • Peace Studies

    • Transitional Justice

    • Human Trafficking

    • Conflict and Human Rights in Africa

    • Crisis and Conflict in Africa

  • Research focuses on education and statecraft in post-conflict societies in East Africa

  • Recipient of the University of Tel Aviv Dan David Prize in the field of History and Memory

  • Recipient of a National Security Education Program David L. Boren Fellowship

Dr. Whitney Howarth

  • B.A. in History at Moravian College (P.A. U.S.A.)

  • M.A. in World History from Northeastern University (M.A. U.S.A.)

  • Ph.D. in World History at Northeastern University (M.A. U.S.A.)

  • Associate professor of History at Plymouth State University (N.H. U.S.A.)

    • Specializing in modern world history and the history of India​

  • Began teaching at the college level in 1999

  • Former Lecturer at Suffolk University

  • Former Lecturer at Salem State College

  • Former Lecturer at Northeastern University

  • Former Research Fellow at Northeastern University's World History Center

    • Assisted in the research, design and development of professional development programs for: (1995-2004)

      • High school world history teachers​

      • World history workshops

      • Multi-media publications

  • Specializations in education and research:

    • Regional  India​

    • Nineteenth century

    • Themes of Colonization, Statecraft, Nationalism and Identity Formation

  • Doctoral Dissertation Mission to Modernity: Foundation of Hindu Political Community in Late Nineteenth Century Mysore

    • Investigates the princely kingdom of Mysore as a nexus of world historical interaction and ideological debate​

  • Has lived, traveled and taught in India since 1998 and maintains close ties with developmental organizations and institutions of higher learning in South India

Torvald Jacobsson

  • Founder and COO of

    • A crowdlearning platform for mobile devices​

    • Covers United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for young learners

    • Distributed in collaboration with some of the world's largest youth and school organizations

    • In total about 100 Million members in 176 countries

  • Head of scientific research for the international documentary/ TV show The Planet on Earth System Science and Global Change in 2006

  • Director of the Young Masters Programme on Sustainable Development at Lund University, Sweden ( ​

  • Member f the royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' National Committee for Geography

  • Former member of The Environmental Advisory Council to the Swedish Ministry of Environmental Protection 

  • Former member of The Energy and environment Council of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

Rubina Tariq Zahur

  • M.A. in Science Education with a specialization in Elementary Science Education at Columbia University in New York, U.S.A.

  • Subject Specialist at the University of Information Technology (ITU) and Virtu University

    • 'eLearn initiative- using IT as a pedagogical toll at elementary level'​

    • Chemistry and Physics grade level 8 (in Punjab)

  • Writing report on UNICEF project Equitable Access to Education for Marginalized Children in Punjab

  • Education consultant at Cambridge Education

  • Member of GIZ team Strengthening Women's Decision Making in the Middle East- LEAD's Pakistan Primary Education Project in Islamabad

  • Group leader of the Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute at Plymouth State University (N.H. U.S.A.)

  • Has worked closely with the Canada Pakistan Basic Education Project (CPBEP)- Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA)

    • Consultant/ Human Resource Expert​

    • Training and Resource Gap Analysis (TARGA) Specialist

  • Has worked with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) Student Training on Entrepreneurial Promotion (STEP) project

  • Provided technical support for the Teacher Certification and Licencing Initiative in Punjab by exploring international practices and conducting case studies for developed and developing countries

  • Developed an index of governing laws, subordinate legislation and rules of the School Education Department in Punjab 

Carl G. Shuster

  • B.A. at Columbia University

  • Chief pilot of the Port Nelson & Shanghai Navigation Company Expeditions

  • Contributing Editor to The Explorer's Journal

    • Quarterly publication of The Explorer's Club focusing on North America​

  • Author of Henry Hudson and the Bastard Map a true account of how New York's Hudson river was mapped

Beatrice Birch

  • Founder of Inner Fire

    • For adults experiencing mental distress or addictions to spend time utilizing artistic therapy through therapies, diet, work and outdoor experiences​

  • Has taught at Steiner Waldorf School

  • Trained in Hauschka Artistic Therapy

  • Therapeutic Consultant

  • Experienced in Anthroposophical medical practices

    • Both with children and adults ​

    • Conditions such as addiction and other psychological challenges

  • Utilizes artistic therapy in Prisons

  • Facilitator of the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)

Tom White

  • Coordinator of Educational Outreach for the Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies department at Keene State College

  • Researcher for An American Nurse at War

  • Historical Consultant for Telling Their Stories: NH Holocaust Survivors Speak Out (2004)

  • Served as Diocese of Manchester's Diocesan Ecumenical Commission for Interfaith Relations

  • Co-Chair and Producer of the Cohen Center's annual Kristallnacht Commemoration

  • Serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO)

  • Has attended and been a facilitator to the Global Raphael Lemkin Seminar for Genocide Prevention at the Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation

  • Recieved NEA New Hampshire's Champion of Human and Civil Rights Award (2009)

  • Named a Peace Ambassador by the Center for Peacebuilding from Bosnia and Herzegovina (2015)

  • Inducted on the Keene High School of New Hampshire's Wall of Honor as a distinguished alumni

RISE of Peace

P.O. Box 2419

West Dover, Vermont 05356

United States