RISE of Peace

-In a Nutshell- 

RISE of PEACE, Inc. ("RISE") is a free, global education and consultative program for public and private, secondary school students. RISE Advisors offer a tailor-made curriculum focusing on the core principles of peace and conflict resolution skills as a supplement to an existing school course. Rationale: Peace education can serve as the most effective weapon to reduce violent behavior in schools and post graduate life.​ RISE is a Vermont non-profit corporation and public charity under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c)3.

Peace Education by RISE

The most violent element in society is ignorance.

                                          Emma Goldman

RISE of Peace ("RISE") provides free educational support primarily to secondary schools via professional development, direct instruction, curricula design, writing competitions, and consultations. We have a Board of Advisors including six Ph.D.s who are professors at secular colleges in a number of states. RISE has no religious, political or philosophical agenda other than to eliminate violence in schools. 

RISE may visit high schools to provide or develop customized curricula to identify and eliminate behavioral factors that may lead to violence. The focus is where RISE and schools collaborate. 

Generally, RISE brings together learners and teachers from all levels, from the elementary school to the university. It is this multi-dimensional approach, with emphasis on creative partnerships and innovative student-centered curriculum in our schools, that makes RISE unique.

RISE of Peace

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